Our Focus on Child-Centered Learning

Crestview strongly supports the fundamental Montessori principle that children teach themselves, with the teacher functioning as a guide. Our beautifully-appointed and well-organized classroom allows children to act with purpose. Lessons are presented, and children choose the work that fulfills their needs. Children work quietly and intently, building concentration and self-discipline.  

The Multi-Aged Classroom

In the Montessori classroom, students have the opportunity to take on a number of roles throughout their years with us. As a student grows from being the youngest to the middle and then to the oldest, they represent a distinctive and multifaceted part of the classroom dynamic. Crestview places special emphasis on this Montessori-based social environment because it encourages children to learn from one another through both interaction and observation. 

Our Commitment to the Environment

In both our indoor and outdoor classroom environments, we are attentive to sustainability practices such as recycling, reusing, reducing, and composting. We care about the earth's sustainability, and we are dedicated to giving our children skills to care for our planet.